Product Safety

Proper Use of Disinfectants

New Biocides Regulations and Updated Fees

April 24, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA) issued the following statement in response to unusual speculation about the use of disinfectants in or on one’s body: Disinfectants are meant to kill germs or viruses on hard surfaces. Under no circumstances should they ever be used on one’s skin, Read More

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Ramping Up Hand Sanitizer Supply

Health Canada Announces Compliance Monitoring Project (CMP) for Natural Health Product – Ethanol Based Hand Sanitizers

Ever since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic there has been an unprecedented demand for hand sanitizers. This has resulted in a shortage of supply and empty store shelves. The good news for consumers is that the shortage should be short-lived. The cosmetics and personal care products industry association, Cosmetics Alliance Canada, has been working with Read More

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The Science of Cosmetics

Science of Cosmetics

    Cosmetic products are designed to work at the skin’s surface. Forms of cosmetic products include: Solutions – ingredients are dissolved in water or another liquid Creams & Lotions – emulsions composed of water and oil Ointments & Pastes – thick anhydrous (without water) cream typically used for therapeutic purposes Suspensions – liquids with Read More

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