Cosmetics Alliance Canada member companies are invited to participate in our committees to provide the association with insight and direction with respect to industry issues and members’ interests. Participation also provides members with access to targeted information in their area of interest and is a significant benefit of membership.

Executive Committee

Includes Officers of Cosmetic Alliance Canada who are accountable to the Board, and are delegated the authority of the Board to act, where permitted by the By-Laws, between regular meetings of the Board. The Executive Committee coordinate long range planning for the association, its staff, and other committees.

Technical Committees


The principal goals of Cosmetic Alliance Canada’s Technical Committees are to generate solutions, gather intelligence, coordinate strategies, and develop industry positions regarding personal care product regulatory issues management.

Product Compliance & Market Access Committee

Reviews and provides direction on issues related to product regulations, licensing, and compliance.

Facility Compliance & Manufacturing Committee

Reviews and provides direction on issues related to establishment and site licensing, manufacturing practices, and quality control.

Risk Assessment & Ingredient Safety Committee

Reviews and provides direction on issues related to specific ingredients, general ingredient defense, science and risk-assessment.

International Committee

Provides feedback and direction on international issues and developments such as those relating to the International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation (ICCR), International Association Collaboration (IAC), and emerging global environmental and safety issues.


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