Hand-Sanitizers Manufacturing Exchange

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In this time of a global health emergency, the purpose of this “Manufacturing Exchange” is to MAXIMIZE the DOMESTIC PRODUCTION of HAND-SANITIZERS by MATCHING the NEEDS of MANUFACTURING FACILITIES with the INGREDIENTS, COMPONENTS and SUPPORTING SERVICES needed to DO THE JOB!

Here’s How it Works

STEP #1 – Getting YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION & NEED into the Exchange

Please complete this E-FORM and SUBMIT it to the Exchange through the SUBMIT button below

STEP #2 – Matching Needs

Our Exchange team will then MATCH SUPPLIERS with MANUFACTURERS and then get back to the MANUFACTUER with a LIST of the SUPPLIERS in the Exchange who can potentially meet their need, along with the SUPPLIER’S CONTACT INFORMATION.

STEP #3- Making Contact

MANUFACTUERS can then CONTACT SUPPLIERS and make their arrangements.

Exchange Contact Information
Diane Gibb
Manager, Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange
E-Mail:  dgibb@cosmeticsalliance.ca

Important Notice To Manufacturers Of Hand-Sanitizers

To ensure that ALL hand-sanitizers produced for use during the COVID-19 emergency are both EFFICACIOUS and SAFE, ANYONE making a hand-sanitizer MUST register with HEALTH CANADA and manufacture the product pursuant to the “regulatory flexibilities” recently announced by Health Canada.  The information is AVAILABLE HERE.


The Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange is service being offered and funded by Cosmetics Alliance Canada (CAC), the Canadian Distillers Association (CDA), and the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA).  It is intended to only be a temporary measure to assist in connecting manufacturers with suppliers during the course of the current COVID-19 public health emergency.