Hand-Sanitizers Manufacturing Exchange

This form is intended for  MANUFACTURERS Of HAND-SANITIZERS

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  • NOTE: This information is required of all manufacturers requesting that the Exchange assist them in being matched with supplies of ingredients and other inputs required to manufacture hand-sanitizers.

  • 2. Regulatory Compliance (to ensure safe and efficacious products):

  • 3. Please Indicate Your Capacity to Use Active Ingredients (e.g. Alcohol) – Type & Volume:

  • 4. Your Ability to Receive and Handle Alcohol at Your Manufacturing Facility (please check more than one if applicable):

  • 5. Your Capacity to Manufacture Hand-Sanitizers (Finished Products):

  • 6. Packaging Requirements:

  • 7. Other Ingredients and/or Services Required:

  • 8. Distributors & Distribution Networks:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: By Submitting this Form you are agreeing that the Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange can share this information and contact information to facilitate matching manufactures and suppliers, to assess shortages of manufacturing ingredients, components and services (including advising governments of same), as well as any other purpose related to the current COVID-19 Health Emergency.

Important Notice To Manufacturers Of Hand-Sanitizers

To ensure that ALL hand-sanitizers produced for use during the COVID-19 emergency are both EFFICACIOUS and SAFE, ANYONE making a hand-sanitizer MUST register with HEALTH CANADA and manufacture the product pursuant to the “regulatory flexibilities” recently announced by Health Canada.  The information is AVAILABLE HERE.