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Long time members of Cosmetics Alliance, Sandy and Brian Stewart of Tribute Entertainment, invited Cosmetics Alliance to join in their campaign to eliminate the use of shark-derived squalene/squalane in cosmetics. Sharks are a threatened and endangered species critical to ocean eco systems and the health of our planet. Their efforts are inspired by the work of their late son, internationally acclaimed film maker and conservationist Rob Stewart, whose work to preserve our planet’s endangered shark population led to the creation of the Sharkwater Foundation now run by the Stewarts.

The initiative is a voluntary program whereby a company/brand confirms or acknowledges they will not use or allow for the use of shark-derived squalene/squalane in any of their products.

Our ask of you:

We have many allies already on board including NGOs, scientists, influencers, companies and, of course, Cosmetics Alliance. But we need your brands/company on board as well.

Even if you do not use squalene/squalane in your products, you can still show your support for the initiative by joining. And if you are now working towards sourcing plant-derived squalene/squalane, we can help get you the resources you need to become shark-free!


Specifically, we are asking the following:

  1. Browse the website to learn more about the issue and our initiative.
  2. Please consider joining us in this free voluntary program. Under the “Certification” tab, check out the Shark-Free Criteria  and How to Join.
  3. Apply today – it’s easy! The online form is HERE.


Thank you very much for your consideration!