Guidelines on the fragrance allergens requirements document

Posted Date: 20-December-2023

The Research Institute for Fragrance Materials, Inc. ( and Creme Global (, a scientific modeling, data analytics, and computing company, partnered to develop an aggregate exposure model for fragrance materials (i.e., the total exposure coming from all different sources). This model looks at the exposure resulting from different fragrance materials used across various cosmetic, personal, household, and air care products. RIFM has used the model for more than six years to help refine the assessment of fragrance materials. As a result, it has substantially impacted the improvement of consumer safety of fragrances and the reduction of animal testing. New Features and enhanced benefits for RIFM members RIFM and Creme Global are now considering a simplified service agreement to allow more broadly based access to the model. The value of the Creme RIFM Exposure Model will be the same for all members — large and small fragrance manufacturers and consumer companies. The model can help: • Assess contaminant exposure & risk • Understand new fragrance chemical exposures • Identify exposures to residuals in the manufacturing process • Demonstrate safe exposures to the consumer for various chosen geographies and population segments • Provide insights on reformulations of both consumer products & fragrance mixtures based on simulating exposures under different use scenarios • Provide marketing insights for all RIFM members by understanding the volume of products on the market & use profiles and the relative source contribution of different product categories (using Kantar World Panel data) Coming soon: RIFM will sponsor a series of webinars this September to highlight the benefits of a subscription to the Creme RIFM Model. Meanwhile, learn more about the model by viewing this recently recorded webinar: The Creme RIFM Aggregate Exposure Model

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