Proper Use of Disinfectants

Posted Date: 24-April-2020

Proposed Biocides Regulations

April 24, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – The Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association (CCSPA) issued the following statement in response to unusual speculation about the use of disinfectants in or on one’s body:

Disinfectants are meant to kill germs or viruses on hard surfaces. Under no circumstances should they ever be used on one’s skin, ingested or injected internally. Use all hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting products as directed in order to ensure safe, effective and intended use of those products.

About Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association ( CCSPA is a national trade association that represents 35 member companies across Canada, collectively a $20 billion industry directly employing 12,000 people in over 120 facilities. Our companies manufacture, process, package and distribute consumer, industrial and institutional specialty products such as soaps and detergents, pest control products, aerosols, hard surface disinfectants, deodorizers and automotive chemicals.


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