Welcome The Skin Feed Cosmetic

Posted Date: 23-June-2021

Skin feed


The skinfeedcosmetic is a cultivated beauty brand that was develop on the three matrixes of skincare synergy which are science+clinical+organic and the seven premises of beauty synergy (a synergistic organic brand). The skinfeedcosmetic used the matrixes of science+clinical+organic to harness botanicals & herbs with active ingredients to create a synergy to give a daily dose of skinfeed, a skincare that is environmentally friendly and cares for the skin synergistic integrity.

Brand founder Dion McGregor a is pharmaceutical technician, businesswoman and chef.  Her mission synergy for skinfeed is to preserve, nurture plus feed with every product we create. She believes in an equitable, diverse & inclusive system that is vital for a healthy sustainable planet and future, because she prides herself on saving the environment.



The Skin Feed Cosmetic joined Cosmetics Alliance through our Exploratory Package, which offers the opportunity for start ups access to the valuable resources that we offer. They are looking to fully understand regulations in Canada and are interested in our training courses.



You can find them online at:  Theskinfeedcosmetic.com