Welcome Devonian Health Group

Posted Date: 16-September-2021


DEVONIAN HEALTH GROUP Inc is a Canadian, Quebec-based late-stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation with novel therapeutic approaches for medicines, cosmeceuticals and healthcare products targeting worldwide unmet medical needs. DEVONIAN’s core strategy, with over 10 years of research, is to develop prescription botanical products which could be from plant materials, algae, macroscopic fungi, and combinations. DEVONIAN owns a state-of-the-art extraction facility with full traceability.

Brands: Purgenesis™ and R-Spinasome®



Membership advantages, specifically the guidance with regulatory and export issues, played a significant role to the decision of the DEVONIAN HEALTH GROUP Inc joining COSMETICS ALLIANCE as a Brand member.

“Our main reason for becoming a member is that from COSMETICS ALLIANCE we can receive the guidance and help to enable companies such as ours better market and sell our products around the world” says Dr. André Boulet, PhD (President & CEO).



Website: www.groupedevonian.com