Welcome New Member – VinoSpa Cosmeceuticals Inc.

Posted Date: 28-March-2022


VinoSpa was born from the grapes grown at 40 Knots Winery, an award-winning vineyard in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Their grapes are grown ethically and traditionally based on biodynamic methods, in soil tilled from ancient glaciers and imbued with fresh ocean air.  

This vitally natural environment combined with the unique nutrient-rich properties of their grapes led to the creation of a skincare line based on the pure, effective, and beneficial ingredients found in nature’s bounty.

Similar to how they grow and harvest their grapes, VinoSpa is committed to an ethical and sustainable business that can vouch for every single ingredient and supplier they work with and extend that transparency to all those who trust their skin to our products.



VinoSpa joined Cosmetics Alliance to meet other like-minded experts in the industry.  With VinoSpa’s rapid growth in demand, VinoSpa is quickly becoming a larger share of the industry.  With this, it is important for VinoSpa’s growth to be aligned with the ever-changing industry standards, regulations, and trends of the consumer.



Brenda Hetman-Craig, Owner/President