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Posted Date: 11-October-2022


Skinopathy is digitizing the patient circle-of-care and solving the problems found in dermatology today. We empower patients to control their health and enable physicians to better manage health through advanced data analytics, workflow automation, and artificial intelligence.

Skinopathy | Emergence


GetSkinHelp™ is a telemedicine platform that grants Canadians in remote and urban regions better access to medical professionals.

SkinAI™ technology is embedded in the GetSkinHelp platform and empowers Canadians to use patent pending artificial intelligence to better control and mitigate skin diseases & skin conditions.

Skinopathy OS™ is a medical platform that digitizes, automates, and derives insights from the entire end-to-end journey of medical pathways.

Skinopathy Research™ is a catalyst for real-time and real-world healthcare research that allows pharmaceutical companies and universities access to unprecedented health data with extreme granularity, and all with patient consent.

SKINPUT™ is a mobile digital health companion for nurses designed to inform, track, and evaluate a patient’s pressure ulcers at the bedside level.

Skinopathy Health Vault™ is an interoperable data platform that gives individuals the power to hold and transfer their own health data to all members within the patient circle-of-care.


We viewed the Cosmetics Alliance of Canada as the ideal partner that could bring forward-thinking skin care industry leaders to our groundbreaking skin screening & tracking technology.

They saw the potential on how our unique position as a medical platform could benefit not only cosmeceuticals, but also help patients get better products for their diverse needs.


Richard Pietro, Partnerships Lead