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Posted Date: 23-June-2021



Keeper Beauty is a Canadian brand that encourages women to practice self-care, both inside and out.

Sekai Muscutt the Founder of Keeper Beauty has created a Maple Haven Skincare Collection. Made from maple leaf extract.

Sekai’s interest in beauty has a deep, rich and complex history, one rooted in her desire for all women to feel and look their best by focusing inward to take care of the outside.

Why they joined?

Keeper Beauty joined Cosmetics Alliance through our Exploratory Package, which offers the opportunity for start ups access to the valuable resources that we offer. Sekai wanted to ensure that her products were compliant and to stay up to date on key issues. She is also looking to connect with industry partners and to be part of the cosmetic community.


“Attending the Regulatory workshop was the best business decision I have made so far. As a young brand owner, I want to do things right to make sure my products are safe and compliant but clear and concise information has been hard to come by, and expensive. The workshop provided me with knowledge that took years to find.  Although virtual, being in the same room, having access to officials from health Canada and industry leaders was the highlight of my business life. 

Thank you Cosmetics Alliance of Canada for putting together a workshop that felt like a real life social. Thank you Diane Kozak for showing up at every table I was, to introduce me to people. I felt welcomed and in good hands. I feel empowered to move my business in the right direction as I continue to learn.” 

Sekai Muscutt Owner/Founder of Keeper Beauty Co.


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