Securing Exemption to China’s Animal Testing Requirements on Imports – France’s Breakthrough on Certificates Provides Precedent for Canada

Posted Date: 20-January-2021

Although China’s new cosmetics regulations provide for an exemption to their requirements for animal testing on cosmetic imports, their rule requires that supporting documentation be provided by a government authority. This documentation would certifying that the products meet the required GMP/ISO standard for cosmetics.

Such export certificates are rarely issued by governments for cosmetics and are consequently provided by industry associations including in Canada, the US and many other jurisdictions. This means that without some “authorization” approved by government, exporters will be unable to take advantage of this new provision and the requirement for unnecessary animal testing will continue.

Along with most of our international trade associations, Cosmetics Alliance has been lobbying our federal government to provide some “authorization” for the Export Certificates already provided by Cosmetics Alliance that would satisfy Chinese authorities.

We were please to learn this week that our colleagues in France have been able to secure the necessary “authority” from their government that should satisfy China. CA will now be taking up this “precedent” set by France to secure a similar authorization for the Cosmetics Alliance Export Certificate Program.

Stay tuned for further developments.

Link to online story – HERE