Pandemic in Second Wave – No Time to Let Up on Safety in Retail; Maintaining Safe Practices Critical to Reducing Spread

Posted Date: 26-November-2020


As coronavirus infections are again on the upswing across Canada, health officials warn that this second wave will be more widespread than the first. This re-enforces the need for a continued commitment and vigilance in reducing the risk to our customers and employess in the “in-person” cosmetics retail setting.

Consequently, it is timely to re-enforce the need for:

  • compulsory mask-wearing for both customers and employees
  • social distancing and the use of shields when beauty advisors are directly assisting customers
  • strict safety/hygiene protocols for customer interactions, product demonstrations, and make-up applications

With respect to product “testers” in-store, customers should not be allowed direct access to product testers at any time. This is critical to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 and help ensure that customers “feel safe”. As the beauty industry, we must do “our part” at the beauty counter and in the cosmetics aisles to help prevent a further shutdown of retail operations.

Last July Cosmetics Alliance, with the help of subject experts and industry partners, developed member Guidance for Re-Opening In-Person Cosmetics Retail. It is posted HERE on CA’s Re-Opening Resource Centre. The materials were developed to help industry understand and mitigate the risk of exposure to the coronavirus as well as assist in training and promoting the safety of beauty advisors and their customers.

As to assisting customers with “testing” or making a product choice, our Guidance materials offer various options including “single-use” testers/samples and “skin-tone” face charts. As well, strict hygienic protocols for customer interactions, product demonstrations, and make-up applications are outlined to help mitigate the risk of transmitting Covid-19.

The U.K. Cosmetics Industry has also published the document entitled “CTPA Charter – Protecting Us All at the Beauty Counter” which is certainly applicable to Canada as it re-enforces the need for “in-person” retail to be remain vigilant in protecting the health of employees and customers throughout the pandemic.

Should retail or brand members have any questions or wish to discuss further, please reach out to your CA Team.