New Health Minister Appointed

Posted Date: 29-August-2017

Prime Minister Trudeau undertook a midterm shuffle of his cabinet recently which included the appointment of New Brunswick MP Ginette Petitpas Taylor as the new Minister of Health. Enclosed is a bio on the new Minister. Cosmetics Alliance is currently arranging with the Minister’s office a meeting to discuss the Self-Care Products Regulatory Framework and other key issues.  Our letter is attached.

Previous Health Minster Jane Philpott was appointed to the newly created portfolio of Indigenous Services. The creation of a new Ministry of Indigenous Services is expected to result in a reorganization of Health Canada as a significant portion of Health Canada’s responsibilities and budget are currently for the delivery of health services to Indigenous Canadians.  It is anticipated that these portions of Health Canada will be transferred to the new Ministry of Indigenous Services.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognize and thank Minister Philpott for her work at Health Canada and particularly for her commitment to the Self-Care Product Regulatory Framework for which she committed the dedicated resources that have allowed it to advance so far over the past 1 1/2 years.  With the momentum and work that has been achieved to date, we expect that the Framework will continue to move forward under the new Minister.