New Director-General at NNHPD -Natalie Page takes over from Manon Bombardier

Posted Date: 20-January-2021

Health Canada’s Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) has announced the appointment of Natalie Page as the new Director-General. Ms. Page replaces Dr. Robin Churchill who has been acting in the position after long serving DG Manon Bombardier was seconded as a special advisor to the Assistant Deputy Minister last fall.

Ms. Bombardier served in this position for the past several years providing a continuity of leadership during a critical period in the development of the Self-Care Products Framework. Cosmetics Alliance worked closely with her during this period and her efforts and support were critical in advancing the Framework, securing the Cosmetics Annex in CUSMA, developing significant flexibilities in product labelling, and addressing a host of other issues important to our members.

We also worked closely with Ms. Bombardier during the early days of the pandemic on meeting the meteoric demand for hand-sanitizers and other hygiene products. This included developing a host of needed regulatory flexibilities and establishing of the Hand-Sanitizer Manufacturing Exchange by CA and three other trade associations.

CA and our member companies would like to recognize and thank Manon for her work and leadership in this role, which was particularly “above and beyond” during the pandemic. We certainly understand why she has been called upon to serve in her new role and look forward to continuing to work with her in this new capacity.

The new Director-General, Ms. Natalie Page, comes to her new role with a wealth of experience in strategic policy, engagement, and planning in a regulatory organization. Previously, Ms. Page was Vice-President of Public and Corporate Affairs of the National Capital Commission (NCC), where she was responsible for strategic communications, stakeholder engagement & Indigenous relations, marketing & partnerships, and corporate planning for six years.

Natalie is fluent in French and English and holds a Bachelors Degree in Commerce from the University of Ottawa and one in International Management from the École Supérieure de Commerce in Reims, France.

Cosmetics Alliance is pleased to welcome Ms. Page and we look forward to working with her in completing and implementing the all-important the Self-Care Framework. CA will be seeking an introductory meeting to brief her on the history behind the Framework and its importance as a key regulatory reform. We area also pleased that the Self-Care team remains in place and should ensure continuity during the transition.