Industry Moves to Eliminate Shark-Derived Squalene – CA Launches Working Group to Scope Certification Program

Posted Date: 21-April-2021

Long time CA members Brian and Sandy Stewart of Tribute Entertainment are partnering with Cosmetics Alliance in their campaign to eliminate the use of shark-derived squalene in cosmetics. Their efforts are inspired by the work of their late son, internationally acclaimed film maker and conservationist Rob Stewart, whose work to preserve our planet’s endangered shark population led to the creation of the Sharkwater Foundation now run by the Stewarts.

CA is working with the Sharkwater Foundation to scope a pilot certification program to support cosmetic manufacturers who are committed to sourcing plant-based squalene from suppliers. Continued use of shark-derived squalene fuels continued overhunting, eventual extinction, and the undermining of the earth’s ecosystems in which sharks play an important role.

In working with CA, Sharkwater is hoping to develop an effective and efficient means of certifying squalene provided to manufacturers from ingredient suppliers rather than focus on finished products. This approach is expected to be the most effective means of helping manufacturers ensure their suppliers are living up to a company’s commitment to be “shark free”, as many of our member companies have already, or are now committing to be.

A CA Working Group has been formed to develop the details and scope what a certification program can look like. Sharkwater has also engaged scientific and DNA testing expertise to assist in the program. As with any new endeavor, having the involvement of industry experts involved in sourcing ingredients and manufacturing will help to ensure we develop a meaningful, efficient and ultimately successful program.

CA members interested in participating can please contact Susan Nieuwhof (