ICCR-15 to be Held June 21 – 24 – International Regulators and Industry to Again Meet Virtually

Posted Date: 17-March-2021

As hosts for this year’s ICCR Annual Meeting, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration together with the U.S. Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) have confirmed that ICCR-15 will be held as a virtual event on June 21 – 24 from Washington D.C.
Regulators from South Korea and Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) will be officially participating as full members for the first time in addition to the existing member jurisdictions of Brazil, Canada, the European Union, Japan and the United States.  With the formal addition of these two new members, along with the observer jurisdictions of Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Israel, the People Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Thailand, ICCR now brings together cosmetic regulators representing over 2/3 of the world’s cosmetics market.  Regulators from India and Turkey have also expressed an interest in participating in this year’s meeting.
ICCR, or the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation, was established some 15 years ago by cosmetic regulatory authorities from the E.U., U.S., Japan and Canada to share information and coordinate the regulation of cosmetic products to achieve the highest science-based standards for the safety and health of consumers.  Through their efforts, ICCR develops standards on many technical matters that become the “world standard” and are consequently adopted by other jurisdictions.  That is why ICCR has attracted new members in recent years as well as a growing participation of many jurisdictions as observers.
As a key stakeholder, industry is afforded an opportunity for a session with ICCR regulators and participates in many joint working groups on various issues.  Other stakeholders are also afforded an opportunity to meet with ICCR regulators during the annual meeting.  Additionally, the ICCR annual event has attracted various ancillary meetings and symposiums including an important international meeting on the adoption of alternatives to animal testing.  This was held at the last pre-Covid ICCR meeting which CA and Health Canada hosted in Montreal in July of 2019.
Featured Topics for ICCR-15 include:
– Alternatives to Animal Testing
– Consumer Communications – Allergens in Cosmetics
– Integrated Strategies for Safety Assessment – Building Confidence in Non-Animal Methods and New Assessment Methodologies (NAMs) to Support Cosmetic Safety Assessment and Regulatory Decision Making
– Microbiome
Industry is also planning to organize a symposium to be associated with the ICCR event (key topic under development) and is looking to bring forward some new topics for introduction at the ICCR table.
If you have any ideas and would like to contribute to these discussions – JOIN our International Committee (e-mail us at regulatory@cosmeticsalliance.ca).