ENGO’s & Media Raise Alarm over Publication of Study Finding PFAS in Cosmetics, Coincides with Introduction of Bill to Ban in Congress

Posted Date: 23-June-2021

There was significant ENGO and media activity beginning June 15th following the publication of a study finding various levels of PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) in some of the 231 cosmetic products tested – of which 17 were from Canada.  Although some had a PFAS substance as an ingredient, the majority had only trace amounts as impurities. The study was published in the Journal of Environmental Science & Technology Letters and is available HERE.

CA issued a Statement to provide background and status of the issue including the unique regulatory context in Canada.

Interestingly, media attention in the U.S. regarding this study coincided with the introduction of an ENGO supported bill in the U.S. Congress to ban PFAS in cosmetics. This, not surprisingly, spilled into Canada yet most of the Canadian media coverage reflected the U.S. story rather than provided the fact that PFAS are already being reviewed under Canada’s Chemical Management Plan. The CBC coverage however, which can be viewed HERE, is more accurate and includes this important point on the regulatory context in Canada.

It is important to note that various ENGO’s referenced PFAS as an “ingredient” – with an implicit accusation that manufacturers are “hiding” its presence in their products – when it was only found in trace amounts as an impurity.