Developing Safety Guidance for Re-Opening Cosmetic Retail

Posted Date: 29-May-2020

As governments and public health officials contemplate the safe re-opening of retail business, CA has taken the initiative to develop industry guidance and best-practices on how this can best be done to protect the safety of your staff and customers. The intent of this effort is to assist public health officials in understanding and addressing the unique aspects of cosmetic retailing to best ensure the safety of beauty advisors, direct sellers and our customers.


The Cosmetics Safe Re-Opening Initiative held a Webinar that included a review of the proposed process for moving forward as well as a presentation on the draft materials currently being collected and prepared with the help of subject experts, international partners, and other trade associations facing similar issues. Participants were asked to contribute to this effort by providing their feedback that can then be incorporated into the draft materials.


Some of the specific areas addressed included:

  • Safety in the retail space
  • Safety for service providers
  • Safety for customers/clients
  • Safety requirements for a controlled product demonstration or make-over
  • Hygiene for products and tools
  • Safety for direct sellers and their customers in a non-retail setting


The final guidance/best-practices coming out of this process can be used for providing appropriate staff training as required.
Watch the webinar here