Cosmetics Industry Supports the Introduction of Bill S-214 (Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act) in the House of Commons

Posted Date: 12-April-2019


TORONTO, April 12, 2019 – Bill S-214 (Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act) was introduced today for first reading in the House of Commons by Conservative MP and Health Critic Marilyn Gladu. The private member’s bill, which was passed in the Senate after being introduced first in 2015, seeks to amend Canada’s Food & Drugs Act to prohibit the sale and manufacture of animal tested cosmetics in Canada.

Cosmetics Alliance is pleased to be working with MP Gladu, the Minister of Health, and stakeholders including The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International, on amendments that will address the issues identified in the Senate version of the bill and ensure it is workable within Canada’s regulatory framework as well as aligned with the ban in the European Union.  With the introduction of the bill for first reading, parliament can now consider the necessary amendments required for the bill to secure broad-based support from animal welfare organizations, industry and regulators”, said Darren Praznik, President and CEO of Cosmetics Alliance Canada.

The cosmetics and personal care products industry is an internationally integrated industry dependent on open markets and transparent, consistent regulatory environments around the world. It is critical for industry that animal testing legislation in Canada align with other jurisdictions – most notably the European Union which is the basis for similar legislation around the world.

Praznik also added, “We have been working on this issue for a long time and industry is supportive of affirming in legislation what is today, in fact, the reality – that the use of animal testing with respect to cosmetics is virtually nonexistent in Canada, as well as most of the world.”


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