Cosmetics Alliance’s Beta Montemayor Appointed ICG Chair

Posted Date: 9-March-2020

Beta Montemayor

Cosmetics Alliance is pleased to announce that Beta Montemayor, CA’s Director of Science, Regulation & Market Access, was recently appointed as Chair of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act – Industry Coordination Group (CEPA-ICG). The CEPA-ICG is a technical forum for industry trade associations and other stakeholders that are affected by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and its Regulations. This forum provides for dialogue between industry and government officials on matters related to CEPA and Canada’s world leading Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) initiative.

Beta has been an active contributor to the CEPA-ICG over the past 2 decades (having joined the forum in 1999). During this time, he has served on a number of the forum’s technical committees, including serving as Chair of the Nanotechnology Sub-Committee and Co-Chair of the Technical Sub-Committee. Beta has gained a reputation as being a consensus builder and has proven himself as a capable facilitator for complex matters related to science- and risk-based decision making in the sound management of chemicals. His extensive network with government officials and experience with managing technical dialogue with both domestic and international regulators is recognized by colleagues in Government and around the CEPA-ICG table.

This appointment represents the first time that the CEPA-ICG Chair has been appointed to a representative outside of the chemical/petroleum producer sector and entrusted to a representative of the downstream consumer chemical users, which speaks to the evolution in focus from just chemicals to the overall management of substances in products. Beta is thrilled for the opportunity to help lead this important technical forum that engages the many industry sectors impacted by CEPA. With the current funding for the CMP coming to a close at the end of 2020 and the on-going discussions regarding CEPA renewal, Beta and the CEPA-ECG will certainly be busy.

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Congratulations Beta!