Beta Montemayor Named CA Vice-President

Posted Date: 17-March-2021

CA President Darren Praznik is pleased to announce that Beta Montemayor, in addition to his role as Director of Science, Regulation and Market Access, has been named as CA’s Vice-President with the responsibility to fill in for Darren when required. The appointment has been made to formally recognize the role that Beta has been playing over the past few years, both within the organization as well as with external stakeholders and partners.
Beta joined CA over a decade ago and was the first environmental toxicologist to join any cosmetics industry association across the globe. His expertise was critical in our industry’s productive engagement with Canada’s world leading Chemicals Management Plan and has made Cosmetics Alliance an industry leader in the field. In fact, our industry’s increasing need internationally for environmental expertise led both Cosmetics Europe and the U.S. Personal Care Products Council to include Beta on their respective science committees.
Beta’s efforts in pursing regulatory reform in Canada through the Self-Care Framework initiative – in which he has been a key contributor – as well as his efforts internationally through ICCR and the IAC initiative, have earned him the support and respect of his colleagues.
Please join us in congratulating Beta as CA’s new Vice-President!