Associate Member Provides Webinar on Market Access to the UK

Posted Date: 9-February-2022

Lunch & Learn Bloom

At our Lunch & Learn webinar on February 2, 2022, CA invited Olivia Santoni and Amanda Isom from member company Bloom Regulatory Ltd to talk about Obtaining Market Access to the UK (Post-Brexit). Bloom Regulatory Ltd. is a London-based consultancy company that provides regulatory support to businesses offering beauty and wellbeing consumer goods.

During the webinar, Olivia and Amanda looked at questions such as: What is the new UK regulatory framework? How different is it from the EU? What might the regulation look like in the future? And how to comply with UK (and EU) legislation when you are already compliant in Canada, including tips on labelling, documentation, and claims. After a brief introduction to the UK’s new legislation following their departure from the EU, Olivia and Amanda covered many UK Cosmetic Regulation topics, including:

  • Key requirements
  • Notification
  • Labelling
  • Documentation
  • Ingredient Restrictions
  • Claims
  • Safety Assessors
  • And More!

Check out some of the highlights from the webinar here.

For members interested in watching the full webinar email us at