New International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety (ICCS) Aims to Advance Acceptance of Animal-free Science Worldwide – Canada’s Cosmetics Industry and Animal Protection Advocates Support Global Effort and Urge Government to Advance Cosmetics Animal Testing Ban in Canada

Posted Date: 8-February-2023

February 8, 2023, Toronto — A new global organization, the International Collaboration on Cosmetics Safety (ICCS), has just been launched (press release HERE). ICCS will work to ensure animal-free methods are accepted and used by everyone involved in cosmetics safety testing and will support animal-free cosmetics and personal care product and ingredient innovation by funding rigorous, scientific evaluation of new animal-free safety assessment approaches.

Canada’s cosmetics industry, represented by Cosmetics Alliance Canada, and animal protection advocates Animal Alliance Canada, Cruelty Free International, and Humane Society International/Canada have been working closely for several years on an initiative to advance legislation banning cosmetics animal testing in Canada. Since this issue was first raised in Parliament with a Private Member’s Bill in the Senate in 2015, the group has met frequently to build a collaborative relationship and establish a consensus on the principles for workable legislation.

It is the group’s hope that the necessary amendments to the Food & Drugs Act will be brought forward through either the Regulatory Modernization Bill or the Budget Bill as soon as possible.

“In the past few years there has been a remarkable amount of consensus-building that has brought diverse stakeholders together to achieve a common goal of ensuring that animals won’t suffer for the sake of cosmetics anywhere. Ending animal testing for cosmetics is a unifying issue that has earned cross-party support in Canada and has long been supported by Canadian consumers – the time has come,” says the group of allied stakeholders.

Importantly, Canada will be hosting the 2023 Animal Alternatives World Congress this August in Niagara Falls. This important international event is an opportunity to showcase Canada as a leader in the development of animal testing alternatives and the banning of unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics. Stakeholders are concerned that Canada risks embarrassment if legislation is not passed by this time.

“All the stakeholders, including industry, have worked very hard over the last several years to advance a cosmetics animal testing ban in Canada, including aligning on the principles with Health Canada to ensure workable legislation. While we appreciate the delays due to the pandemic, it is time for government to finally get this done”, say’s Darren Praznik, President & CEO of Cosmetics Alliance Canada.


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