CA Holding Webinars to Showcase Service Providers (PROs) Formed to Meet our Members New Blue Box Obligations

Posted Date: 29-September-2021

Ontario’s Blue Box Regulation makes producers fully accountable and financially responsible for their products and packaging once they reach their end of life and are disposed. The Regulations also gives producers choices for resource recovery services in a competitive market.

A producer responsibility organization, or PRO, is a business established to contract with producers to provide collection, management and administrative services to help producers meet their regulatory obligations under the Blue Box Regulation. Producers must join (or create) a producer responsibility organization (PRO) to meet their obligations under the Blue Box Regulations and they may only enter into a representation agreement with one PRO at any time.

Currently, there are three registered Producer Responsibility Organizations (PRO) that have been formed in Ontario and one supplemental services provider that are in a position to provide CA members who are producers with resource recovery services – Circular Materials, Resource Recovery Alliance, Ryse Solutions and Covanta Environmental Solutions.

CA is conducting a series of informational webinars in mid October to introduce members to these PROs and their services with the objective of helping our members make an informed decision.  Registration details to come. The tentative schedule is as follows:

Circular Materials – October 12, 1-2 pm

Ryse Solutions – October 13, 1-2 pm

Resource Recovery Alliance – October 14, 1-2 pm

Covanta Environmental Solutions – October 15, 1-2 pm